Edison 2014

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Randy, Slash, dLx and Vedder went to the Edison demoparty in Stockholm. Nothing was released but Randy spent the party brushing up on his C64 coding skillz and Vedder tried to make a SID. Big thanks to Stinsen for some help with goattracker. Thor joined as a graphician during the party.   Continue reading

iNSANE meeting #6 in Jörlanda

iNSANE meeting #6 was held this weekend in the rural town of Jörlanda. This time it was Gemini’s turn to host the meeting and what a great meeting it was. Present at this meeting was, Gemini, Slash, Randy, Origo, Bitflippr, Mr Mygg, Corel and a special guests was Spot and Goto80 from Up Rough. As usual a meeting report was released. Grab it here to find out what happened at the meeting.