On tour

Here we will put up where we will turn up and who will be there!


February 10 – 12, Datastorm

Attendees: Bonefish, Vedder, Randy, Slash, dLx, Skurk, Bjoppen, Bitflippr, Corel, TmX, Mygg, ALPAidUS, Duffe, Triace, Premium, Corpsicle and Origo!

Yes, 17 iNSANERS will invade DATASTORM!


April 14 – 17, Revision

Attendees: Vedder, ALPAidUS, dLx, Premium, Bonefish


June 1 – 3. Edison

Attendees: Vedder, Slash, Corpsicle, Randy, Alpaidus, Bjoppen, Bitflippr.


June 15 – 17. Solskogen

Attendees: Skurk, Slash (maybe)


September 2 – 4. GERP

Attendees: Vedder, Slash, Mygg, Bitflippr, Randy, Alpaidus, Bjoppen, dLx, Bonefish and Corpsicle


November 25-27. Compusphere

Attendees: Vedder, Slash, MagnusT, Randy, Bitflippr, Corel, Bjoppen and dLx

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