Compusphere 2016 – the review

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This years Compusphere was located in the middle of Gothenburg and hosted as usual by Gemini, Corel, Bitflippr and Orbiter. Last years Compusphere GAG was a small very cozy party and this year was no exeption. This time it was hosted in a office building and personally I thought it was perfect. There was a main hall with big screen where everyone could sit and be productive. The conference rooms were used for Movie showing and seminars. There were a ping pong table where you could get your sport on and a retropie corner where you could play some games.… Continue reading

Compusphere: GAG 2015

This year Orbiter, Gemini, Corel and Bitflippr decided to throw a small Compusphere party called GAG (Gothenburg Autum Gathering). This was a supercozy gathering with the right scene atmosphere. I (Vedder) took the train down from Stockholm to Gothenburg on Friday morning. I was first going to work at the … (rest of text is missing)

Thank You


The Compusphere Crew and the rest of iNSANE had a blast organizing our first ever demoparty. We have all been part of the demoscene since the golden days but this was something different – this was a way to give back.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped us make Compusphere 2014 a big success!

You are the scene. We are the scene.


Top row: Slash, Notorious, Mygg, Origo, Bitflippr, Randy, dLx

Bottom row: Corpsicle, Gemini, Corel, Prospect, Vedder, Mad

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