Finally Updated!!!

Hey iNSANE lovers!

After almost 2 years this website has finally been updated. Everything is now up to date.

I will not promise any regular updates now. I have had to eat my words in the past. But I will try.

As news goes I can tell you that we will show up at Gerp 2022. As usual we will come in force!

I hope to see many of you there. I’m sure that you just like we, are longing to go to a demoparty again. Gerp 2020 will be EPIC!

Last year we had a new years resolution to release 1 production per month during 2020.
We didn’t manage to release 1 production per month however. But over all we did release 12 productions in 2020. Plus 1 coop with Five Finger Punch. So the experiment was very successfull, but very stressfull. We probably won’t do that again. At least not 1 per month. HAHA