iNSANE at Compusphere

We not only hosted the sweetest demoparty of the year, we also participated in some compos.

We won the Wild compo together with Up Rough and Titan with the Iron Maiden Chipmusic disk “Stuck Somewhere In Time” (The Amiga version will be released soon)

Came 2nd in the Oldschool demo comp with “Northline”. (A final of this demo is still under way. A nasty bug does not want to go away, also there is the “have time” factor to take under consideration)

We also got the 3rd place in the Oldschool intro compo with Randy’s C64 “Memtro

Mygg came on 3rd place in the Newschool music compo with “The Roof Is On Fire

Gemini came 2nd in the Oldschool music compo with “Subatomic Flow

Mygg was placed 7th in the same compo with “Compuz Sphere

The Vedder and Slash co-op “Track By Numbers” came on a shared 8th place with Corpsicle’s “Le Petit Mustach“.

And Notorious came in on 12th place in the Oldschool music compo with “Circumstances

Thank You


The Compusphere Crew and the rest of iNSANE had a blast organizing our first ever demoparty. We have all been part of the demoscene since the golden days but this was something different Рthis was a way to give back.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped us make Compusphere 2014 a big success!

You are the scene. We are the scene.


Top row: Slash, Notorious, Mygg, Origo, Bitflippr, Randy, dLx

Bottom row: Corpsicle, Gemini, Corel, Prospect, Vedder, Mad

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