GERP 2013

Slash went to Gerp 2013 together with Randy/Hoaxers^Relapse, Deadguy/Up Rough, Wasp/Powerline and Gemini. Slash entered the Amiga music compo with Droid.

Edison 2012

Vedder was present at the Edison demoparty held in Stockholm this weekend.

This was my, vedders, first demoparty since Remedy 96 (I think) and I did not know anybody. But it was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was there just like it was in the 90ies and the smell as well. 🙂

Two modules was released, Rouge Leader by Vedder and Goa by both Slash and Vedder.

iphone 771

Main hall.

iphone 770

Vedder tracking to make the deadline.

Compusphere 2012

Slash went to Compusphere 2012 and entered the combined music compo with two modules. Like The Eighties which ended up at 2nd place by Vedder and Slash and C-Comp by Slash alone which gave him a 5th place out of 9. We beat several multichannel and mp3 songs with our 4 channel mods.