Compusphere 2016 – the review

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This years Compusphere was located in the middle of Gothenburg and hosted as usual by Gemini, Corel, Bitflippr and Orbiter. Last years Compusphere GAG was a small very cozy party and this year was no exeption. This time it was hosted in a office building and personally I thought it was perfect. There was a main hall with big screen where everyone could sit and be productive. The conference rooms were used for Movie showing and seminars. There were a ping pong table where you could get your sport on and a retropie corner where you could play some games.… Continue reading

meeting #10 in stockholm

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Once again we were back in Stockholm for another epic meeting. Present at this meeting were: Randy, Vedder, Origo, Corel, Bitflippr and Mad. We had a great weekend with lots of food, farts and demoscening. Check the meeting report for full story. Credits for the meeting report: Code and graphics by Randy Music by Vedder Some photos from the meeting: Continue reading

Meeting #9 in Randy-land

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After a too long break we finally got together again for a classic oldschool iNSANE meeting. This time we went to the holy demochurch™ in Randy-land. Randy, Vedder, Slash, Origo and dLx were present. On this meeting we focused on the chipmusicdisk “Chiperia issue 1” which will be released under the “The Chiperia Project” label. This is not an iNSANE release but a freestanding project lead by Slash. Because of this we didn’t make a new meetro as we usually do. Maybe next time. Randy and his wife treated us like kings! We got served first class hamburgers on Friday… Continue reading

Edison 2014

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Randy, Slash, dLx and Vedder went to the Edison demoparty in Stockholm. Nothing was released but Randy spent the party brushing up on his C64 coding skillz and Vedder tried to make a SID. Big thanks to Stinsen for some help with goattracker. Thor joined as a graphician during the party.   Continue reading

iNSANE meeting #5.5 in Stockholm

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The first Stockholm meeting was held this weekend. Hosted by Vedder in Jordbro. Great fun and a lot of DATA was on the menu plus an all you can eat buffé. The meeting was a great success and Vedder will host more meetings when the opportunity rises again. Present at the meeting was Vedder, Slash, Randy, Origo, Duffe and Mad. Also at this meeting a MEETING REPORT was produced. Continue reading


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10 iNSANE members invaded DATASTORM 2014 and took it by STORM! Our demo OLD HABITS DIE HARD won the Amiga 500 democompetition! And our 40k intro SPROCKET came in 3rd in the Amiga 64k compo. aGEM (MEGA) won the Amiga Tracked Music compo with his awesome mod Scary Cyberforest. Present at Datastorm were Vedder, Slash, Origo, Randy, Bitflippr, Duffe, Notorious, Syntax, J-Boy and aGEM. This years Datastorm was so much fun. We dominated by both presence and releases!     Continue reading