Neo Gaut

1st place in the Amiga Intro compo at Datastorm 2019
Code and Visuals by Malmix / Nature
Music by Alpa and Vedder / iNSANE

Merry X-Mas iNSANE lovers!

With this little intro we spread our love to each and every one of you. We love you! Look out for more releases from us in 2019.

Code by Prospect, Music by Juice, Gfx by Premium, Corel and Vedder

Until next time. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Vedder 40 years old!

Vedder (I) turned 40 years old and this is how my wonderful insane family celebrated me. I am humble. I love you all.

Code: Magnus
Gfx: Evarcha, Malmix
Music: Mygg
Ascii: Corel


Retrovision released at Revision 2017!

Code: Magnus
Music: Vedder
Graphics: Premium, Evarcha (Wayne Ashworth) and Stellan
Ascii: Corel