Compusphere 2016 – the review

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This years Compusphere was located in the middle of Gothenburg and hosted as usual by Gemini, Corel, Bitflippr and Orbiter. Last years Compusphere GAG was a small very cozy party and this year was no exeption. This time it was hosted in a office building and personally I thought it was perfect. There was a main hall with big screen where everyone could sit and be productive. The conference rooms were used for Movie showing and seminars. There were a ping pong table where you could get your sport on and a retropie corner where you could play some games. … Continue reading

A tribute to Bonefish

We made a tribute demo to our beloved Bonefish called “Stonefish”

Bonefish had a serious case of kidney stones and we planned to make a get well intro for him. This took longer than anticipated and he got better. Then we learned that he was going to get married. So we wanted to release this on his weddingday instead. We didn’t make it so we decided to release it at TRSAC 2016 instead. We knew he would be watching the stream. And he was very suprised and happy. This is the compoversion and a final version will be released eventually.