A tribute to Bonefish

We made a tribute demo to our beloved Bonefish called “Stonefish”

Bonefish had a serious case of kidney stones and we planned to make a get well intro for him. This took longer than anticipated and he got better. Then we learned that he was going to get married. So we wanted to release this on his weddingday instead. We didn’t make it so we decided to release it at TRSAC 2016 instead. We knew he would be watching the stream. And he was very suprised and happy. This is the compoversion and a final version will be released eventually.

Gerp 2016

What a great party! As usual I should add.

Yes, Gerp 2016 was just as fun as last year. iNSANE were there in numbers, again!. We were 9 old farts there, Vedder, Slash, Randy, dLx, Mygg, Corpsicle, Alpaidus, Bjoppen and Bitflippr. All having a great time.

Some highlights from the compos:


Amiga demo:

3rd place, iNSANE – Gerp 2016 (1 and a half day prod to support the party!)

Cover Music:

1st place, Mygg (Stardust Memories)

4th place, Alpaidus (All those years)

6th place, Corpsicle (Water turn black)


1st place Graphics, Bitflippr (A few Pixels)

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Bjoppen new co-organizer

I have made Bjoppen my copilot for this smooth-sailing ship called iNSANE! He is a very down to earth kind of guy with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas. Welcome aboard Bjoppen!


Edison 2016

Randy, dLuxe, Slash, Bitflippr, Alpaidus, Bjoppen, Corpsicle and Vedder went to Edison this weekend. A strong iNSANE presence to say the least.

The party was nice. It doesn’t have the same cozy feeling as the gothenburg demoparties have and there seems to be a lot more immature productions released here than anywhere else really. Which is fine if you are into that thing or drunk.

I (vedder) spent most of the party finishing my intro for the oldschool demo compo. And with the help of Randy and dLuxe managed to hand it in, in a reasonable time after the deadline. … Continue reading