Gerp 2016

What a great party! As usual I should add.

Yes, Gerp 2016 was just as fun as last year. iNSANE were there in numbers, again!. We were 9 old farts there, Vedder, Slash, Randy, dLx, Mygg, Corpsicle, Alpaidus, Bjoppen and Bitflippr. All having a great time.

Some highlights from the compos:


Amiga demo:

3rd place, iNSANE – Gerp 2016 (1 and a half day prod to support the party!)

Cover Music:

1st place, Mygg (Stardust Memories)

4th place, Alpaidus (All those years)

6th place, Corpsicle (Water turn black)


1st place Graphics, Bitflippr (A few Pixels)








Amiga music:

2nd place, Mygg (Trapped in Skövde)

4th place, Vedder (Once upon a doskpop)

5th place, Corpsivle (Bipedal Boar)

Chip music:

2nd place, Alpaidus (Signalflen)

4th place, Mygg (ccccp 2o16)

6th place, Randy (Radiofalköping)

7th place, Corpsicle (Shermes Hollock)

10th place, Slash (Song for Malmix, made at the party as a compofiller)


Big thanks to Malmix and Esau and all the other organizers who made Gerp 2016 such an enjoyable experience!

Bjoppen new co-organizer

I have made Bjoppen my copilot for this smooth-sailing ship called iNSANE! He is a very down to earth kind of guy with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas. Welcome aboard Bjoppen!


Edison 2016

Randy, dLuxe, Slash, Bitflippr, Alpaidus, Bjoppen, Corpsicle and Vedder went to Edison this weekend. A strong iNSANE presence to say the least.

The party was nice. It doesn’t have the same cozy feeling as the gothenburg demoparties have and there seems to be a lot more immature productions released here than anywhere else really. Which is fine if you are into that thing or drunk.

I (vedder) spent most of the party finishing my intro for the oldschool demo compo. And with the help of Randy and dLuxe managed to hand it in, in a reasonable time after the deadline. The intro “Back To Basics 5” managed to end up at 4th place in the compo. 2 places better than last year.

Alpaidus won the 1st price in the “Oldschool and tracked music compo” together with Danko with the amiga mod “We Are Complicated”.

Corpsicle had a big night. He ended up with no less than two 3rd places in both Streaming and Oldschool & Tracked music compos with the songs: Fading Light and Don’t get cozy (ahx).

Both Corpsicle and Alpaidus ended up at a combined 3rd place in the Streaming music compo with the song “We Are Colaboration” which was done together with Danko, Fegolhuzz, K-Line, Mattias Brian and Kex3.

Edison, thank you for the music. See you next year!