New Member – Magnus

I have the pleasure to welcome our new coder Magnus to the iNSANE posse!

We hope you will have a pleasant stay here with the rest of the crazy people.


Slash Co-Organizer

Hey folks,

Slash has gracefully accepted my request to become co-organizer again. He took a break from organizing for a while to focus on his own music and The Chiperia Project. But now he is back and I am very grateful for that.

Thanks Slash!

/Vedder out

meeting #10 in stockholm

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Once again we were back in Stockholm for another epic meeting.

Present at this meeting were:
Randy, Vedder, Origo, Corel, Bitflippr and Mad.

We had a great weekend with lots of food, farts and demoscening. Check the meeting report for full story.

Credits for the meeting report:

Code and graphics by Randy
Music by Vedder

Some photos from the meeting: