Organizational changes

I, Vedder, has decided to step down from organizing iNSANE. I want to focus on learning to code and making music instead. I asked Slash if he would take over and he gracefully agreed. Slash is now Main Organizer and Corel is Co-Organizer. This will be awesome!

GERP 2015 – Amiga party at it’s best (a somewhat delayed review)

I think that GERP has to be the coziest party I have ever been to. The atmosphere when you walk in is just friendly and warm. I was not sure I was going to make it to the party at all. I had planed to go for months but when it was time to go reasons out of my control were forcing me to stay home. But I was able to drive down the next day instead so everything turned out ok in the end. (rest of text missing)