Stockholm Meeting

Vedder hosted the annual spring meeting in Stockholm the past weekend. Attending the meeting was Vedder, Bjoppe, Alpaidus and Corpsicle. We had a lot of fun and we also made this meetro.

Code: Vedder
Font: Bjoppen
Logo: Duffe
Music: Alpaidus

meeting #10 in stockholm

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Once again we were back in Stockholm for another epic meeting. Present at this meeting were: Randy, Vedder, Origo, Corel, Bitflippr and Mad. We had a great weekend with lots of food, farts and demoscening. Check the meeting report for full story. Credits for the meeting report: Code and graphics by Randy Music by Vedder Some photos from the meeting: Continue reading

Meeting #9 in Randy-land

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After a too long break we finally got together again for a classic oldschool iNSANE meeting. This time we went to the holy demochurch™ in Randy-land. Randy, Vedder, Slash, Origo and dLx were present. On this meeting we focused on the chipmusicdisk “Chiperia issue 1” which will be released under the “The Chiperia Project” label. This is not an iNSANE release but a freestanding project lead by Slash. Because of this we didn’t make a new meetro as we usually do. Maybe next time. Randy and his wife treated us like kings! We got served first class hamburgers on Friday… Continue reading

iNSANE meeting #2

The second iNSANE meeting was held this weekend.

Like last time hosted by Origo in Väröbacka, Varberg. Present at this meeting were: Slash, Origo, Gemini, Randy, Notorious, Syntax, Bitflipper and Prospect. Special guest appearance by Deadguy/up rough^Pacific.

iNSANE meeting #1

The first iNSANE meeting was held this weekend.

Hosted by Origo in Väröbacka, Varberg. Present at this meeting were: Vedder, Slash, Origo, Randy, Notorious, dLuxe and Gemini. Guest appearance by Raylight and Wasp of Powerline.

This was a meeting for the history books. It was like we were teenagers again, playing loud music, laughing, drinking and just hanging with the most awesome people you ever met and the creativity were flowing like it was 1994.

This were to be the first of many!

2013-10-05 20.10.20


2013-10-05 20.07.32


2013-10-05 13.45.36

dLuxe showing Wasp how to make SID.

2013-10-05 20.03.22

Hi Randy!

2013-10-05 13.45.58

Notorious setup!

2013-10-05 20.03.36

dLuxe, Raylight and Randy.

2013-10-05 20.03.00

Slash testing a production.