Meeting #9 in Randy-land

After a too long break we finally got together again for a classic oldschool iNSANE meeting. This time we went to the holy demochurchâ„¢ in Randy-land.meeting9-slash

Randy, Vedder, Slash, Origo and dLx were present. On this meeting we focused on the chipmusicdisk “Chiperia issue 1” which will be released under the “The Chiperia Project” label. This is not an iNSANE release but a freestanding project lead by Slash. Because of this we didn’t make a new meetro as we usually do. Maybe next time.

Randy and his wife treated us like kings! We got served first class hamburgers on Friday and a full English breakfast on Saturday.

In true scene spirit we pixel-ed, coded, tracked, talked and laughed. Stayed up way too late. And generally just had a really good time.

meeting9-2 meeting9meeting9-insmeeting9-heart

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