Thank You


The Compusphere Crew and the rest of iNSANE had a blast organizing our first ever demoparty. We have all been part of the demoscene since the golden days but this was something different – this was a way to give back.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and helped us make Compusphere 2014 a big success!

You are the scene. We are the scene.


Top row: Slash, Notorious, Mygg, Origo, Bitflippr, Randy, dLx

Bottom row: Corpsicle, Gemini, Corel, Prospect, Vedder, Mad

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Gerp 2014

iNSANE went to the GERP demoparty in, Skövde, Sweden this weekend. Present at the demoparty were: Randy, Slash, Notorious, Gemini, Origo and Bitflippr. We released 2 invitation intros for Compusphere 2014, one for Amiga and one for C64. Gemini won the chip music competition with magic in a bottle and Slash and Origo came in 2nd and 3rd respectivly. Notorious tracked a 4ch Amiga mod with a friend and came in 3rd in the Amiga 4ch Music compo. Bitflippr was 4th in the Amiga graphics compo with a stunning picture. We had a lot of pleasing results in pretty much all the competitions, check out the official results. Get all the iNSANE releases here!


iNSANE meeting #7 in the demohouse

There was another iNSANE meeting this weekend. We were back in Origo’s demohouse in Värö for a weekend of data, food and good times. Attending the meeting was Origo, Slash, Randy, dLX and J-Boy. With a special appearance by Spot/Uprough. As usual a meeting report was produced, this time on the commodore 64 with code from Randy and sweet sweet music by dLX.

Solskogen 2014

2014-07-11 21.38.26

Great coffe!

2014-07-11 21.39.06

Everyone important was there! 🙂

2014-07-12 12.02.32

sLASH jamming with Elfan and Thec.

2014-07-12 12.04.03

Deadguy, WASP and Todi.

2014-07-12 15.29.34


2014-07-12 10.45.46

sLASH and Gemini making sweet sweet music. Origo coding WATS.

2014-07-12 21.23.55

Oldschool music compo. Vedder representing!

2014-07-13 11.38.27

sLASH and Gemini on the way home.

Randy, Slash, Origo, Gemini and Vedder was at Solskogen this weekend. We released a new demo called We Are The Scene which ended up at second place in the oldschool democompetition. Gemini won the oldschool music competition with his protracker mod called Years Gone By. Vedders SID contribution in the oldschool music compo Randy The Great ended up on 5th place. We had a great time at this party, we highly recommend going there.

Edison 2014

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Randy, Slash, dLx and Vedder went to the Edison demoparty in Stockholm. Nothing was released but Randy spent the party brushing up on his C64 coding skillz and Vedder tried to make a SID. Big thanks to Stinsen for some help with goattracker. Thor joined as a graphician during the party.   Continue reading