Gerp 2014

iNSANE went to the GERP demoparty in, Skövde, Sweden this weekend. Present at the demoparty were: Randy, Slash, Notorious, Gemini, Origo and Bitflippr. We released 2 invitation intros for Compusphere 2014, one for Amiga and one for C64. Gemini won the chip music competition with magic in a bottle and Slash and Origo came in 2nd and 3rd respectivly. Notorious tracked a 4ch Amiga mod with a friend and came in 3rd in the Amiga 4ch Music compo. Bitflippr was 4th in the Amiga graphics compo with a stunning picture. We had a lot of pleasing results in pretty much all the competitions, check out the official results. Get all the iNSANE releases here!


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