iNSANE meeting #5.5 in Stockholm

The first Stockholm meeting was held this weekend. Hosted by Vedder in Jordbro. Great fun and a lot of DATA was on the menu plus an all you can eat buffé. The meeting was a great success and Vedder will host more meetings when the opportunity rises again. Present at the meeting was Vedder, Slash, Randy, Origo, Duffe and Mad. Also at this meeting a MEETING REPORT was produced.

2014-04-05 20.24.18

Origo, Randy, Duffe and sLASH at the all you can eat buffé!

2014-04-06 08.44.48

Laidback coding by Origo. sLASH copying modules!


Air-tracking by Vedder


Duffe and Vedder


sLASH enjoying life!


Vedder and Origo!

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